Jumping with Joy

A while ago, I promised my younger sister to make her debutante dress – she was opening the ball of a dancing school (and several other balls) and needed a long, white dress. I think it was my Christmas gift for her, the ball was at the beginning of February and we finally took some pictures of the dress when I was in Salzburg (almost a month ago). But because it took us so long, we decided to have some fun (she suddenly started jumping)…

debutante dress

The dress is By Hand London’s Anna dress, with some modifications: I created a new bustier neckline, by simply redrawing the neckline in the front and back, making sure it would be high enough to cover her bra. I did mess it up underneath the arms, the curve there isn’t right, but if I hadn’t told you, you might not have noticed. She also wanted some lace details and I had purchased some wide lace trim – basically netting with embroidery along one edge. I originally wanted the lace to be horizontal, but then she couldn’t move her arms above her head, but that was absolutely necessary  for the dance. So after many tries, pinning and repinning, I came up with the idea to cut the lace in two pieces and join them again, with a small seam in the front – you can see the result below.

The fabric is a cotton sateen in white (not the brightest white, slightly broken, but it looks blinding in these pictures) and has a very subtle sheen. It is otherwise completely plain, which is exactly how my sister wanted it. Also, the dress is fully lined – that made finishing the neckline a lot easier and the sateen is slightly sheer on its own.

What’s more to say? She obviously had to wear it with long white gloves (I hate them) and her dancing shoes, so the dress is a bit shorter than your average long dress – 3cm above the ground, but that really depends on the hight of the heels. Anyway, I think she really liked it, I think it looks good and shooting the photos was fun (and crazy). What more could you want?

debutante dress

Some more serious pictures, so you can actually see the dress :)

debutante dress

debutante dress

debutante dress


3 thoughts on “Jumping with Joy

  1. laurajane says:

    Beautiful dress! She could be married in it! I love your neckline idea. The lace is so elegant and delicate. And she’s precious – so excited! You are a good sister!

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