This post is so, so late and the reason for it can be seen above: I spent Friday to Monday re-upholstering this couch. The old cover was already torn and the fabric had a busy pattern that was slightly irritating – my brother always covered it up with a blanket. But he decided he finally wanted a new cover and enlisted me to do the job.

The first difficulty was finding the right fabric and we ended up at Ikea, were we bought 6m of 100% linen (in grey) and 3m of the plaid fabric (100% cotton). The second problem – the cover was ‘permanent’, not meant to be changed, so I had to rip everything off and completely open the back of the couch and screw parts apart so I could reach all the seams. That took quite some time and was harder than it sounds. After sewing (there are few actual seams), the electronic tacker was my best friend. I could not have done it without one.

All in all, it was a lot of work, but I think it paid off. The couch is completely transformed and while it might not be perfect (why are there folds? we pulled it so tight!), it works and looks fine. My nieces approve! :)


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