steiner 1888

What a week! Very busy, very tiring, but mostly good (see below). I went to Mandling (very close to Schladming, in Styria) with my boss, where she had a meeting with the manager of Steiner 1888 – a company that produces high-quality Loden. She uses their fabric for her products and discussed some new projects and possible collaborations. Afterwards, we also got a tour through the factory – I’ll post more about that next week!

The non-highlight (which I’m mentioning, because, hey, that doesn’t happen to me all the time): I cut my finger. Badly. And I didn’t  just cut into it…. I wasn’t careful enough with the rotary cutter, and when I realised what had happened, it was already to late. Oh well, at least it doesn’t hurt anymore….. The lesson learned – keep your fingers away from the blade and not too close to edge of the ruler, if you’re using one!


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