2 weeks in Soulac

soulac - atlantic

I find it difficult to write about something that is not ‘exciting’. A time where little happened, where life was not filled with activities, but with relaxation, calmness and where the days all followed a similar pattern – like on my holiday in Soulac-sur-Mer.

The village is close to Bordeaux, at the Atlantic coast. It’s small and even though touristic (I think in winter, there are only a handful of people left), the visitors are mostly french and come here with their families. They rent one of the many small villas (each one has a name) and spend their days on the beach and the evenigns in the centre – just like we did. I stayed with a friend in her family’s apartment, which is close to the sea: The sound of the waves was always audible.

Can you believe I’ve never actually been so close to the Atlantic (or any ocean) before? It was always the Mediterranean or the Channel. But the ocean is somthing completely different. The waves are bigger, the current stronger, the water saltier. Real swimming was possible only once or twice, we mostly jumped with the waves or dived underneath them. The rest of the time was spent with reading (a lot – I finished 6 books), walking along the beach or simply tanning. Good times!

soulac - villas

soulac - dunes

Soulac - to the beach

soulac - opalescent

soulac - high tide

soulac - low tide

Soulaac sunset


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