LBD Nr.2


And here is the promised second LBD. I actually made this one first, last May, for my Grandmother’s funeral. It was a last minute make, because I didn’t have a full black outfit that was suitable – only casual t-shirts or fancy evening dresses.

The dress is again quite loose, a shift dress with a round neck. The sleeves are a bit long and the hem is quite short…. I would say the proportions of the details are a bit off, but when combined, they balance each other out. It has two bust- and two shoulder darts, but I think I might add some in the back too – the dress is very cocoon-shaped without them and I’m not sure if this really suits me. It’s not completely a-lined, there is some slight waist-definition in the sideseams. But still! I’ll see what I will do…

The fabric (a sturdy cotton twill with a bit of stretch) was originally intended for jeans but it was the only black fabric I had at home back then. It’s not ideal, because it’s a bit to thick and stiff. Or rather, the pattern is not ideal for the fabric, but I couldn’t be bothered with making something else – I was obviously not in the mood to really care about sewing. I just used the selfdrafted pattern for wide tops and extended it to the desired length. Easy!

It was a really simple to make and to be honest, that was the point. It’s not perfect (I finished the neckline with a bias facing, but did not do the best job), but I’ve still worn it quite often. I think it will also transition well into fall, because of the thickness of the fabric. And it looks great with tights!




Dress: handmade
Shoes: Bensimon
Shawl: Hamam towel, handmade in Tunisia, from a market in Soulac


One thought on “LBD Nr.2

  1. Donna says:

    Hi there.You just used the worst fabric you could find. Please try the cocoon shape. Please? I know if sewn in the proper fabric this will be adorable on you. If the pattern is constructed for knits, do with a stable jersey. I made my Inari Dress in linen for summer. I don’t post and I Need To! Maybe I’ll start participating. Anyhow, We have the same shape but I’m older and your legs are longer. Jealous. It’s cute hon. Just lower the hemline . I can tell you this because I’m an old lady. You are too gorgeous to be hiding in a mini that short! Otherwise, good job. Thanks for the review!

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