Time for some gingham, or vichy, as I call it! Karen from Did you make that? challenged us all to sew something in this classic fabric. It could be literally anything, as long as the main fabric is gingham.

So, what to make? The options are pretty much endless! Once I had my fabric though (a classic black and white), an idea started to form… A long wrap skirt, a bit like a circle skirt maybe, and a matching crop top. Something for the holidays, something summery, the last one of this year maybe?

Here are all the Details:
The fabric is 100% cotton, the gingham is black/white. The squares are quite small – 0,5cm. After washing, it got a slightly crinkly texture, a bit like seersucker – very nice, very breezy, lightweight and breathable. The perfect summer fabric!
For the skirt, I cut some kind of giant half circle…. I tried it on, was not satisfied with it, added another strip of fabric to the hem and ended up sewing in folds to add more interest. I also gathered the fabric at the top, a little bit at the front and a lot at the back. That makes for a very nice silhouette, especially because the hem is longer at the back as well. Reminds me of something edwardian… It looks especially stunning when it’s a bit windy!
The top is very simple, boxy, without darts. It has a very high neck at the front and looks rather simple – until I turn around! The scoop neck is high enough to hide the bra but still low enough to look interesting. And it shows my new tattoo! Hahaha, it’s only a temporary one, but I love it. It’s high time I got a real one…

The pictures were taken in front of a cute little house in Triest: I made the ensemble on the day before we left, knowing that it would be perfect for the holidays. Thank you Karen for making me consider this fabric! Very happy with how this turned out :)





Top & Skirt: handmade
Shoes: Converse
Headscarf: simple bandana from a market
Flash Tattoo: Flying Tiger


10 thoughts on “Ginghamalong!

  1. kalimak says:

    Fantastic outfit, Liliana! It looks very cool — you can dress it up or dress it down, according to the occasion. I love the sweep of the hi-lo hem on the skirt.

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