Canale Grande

Ah, finally! I desperatly wanted to visit Venice this summer, and almost felt as if I was running out of time: It was already the last week of the summer holidays, but then the family decided to spend a couple of days at the Adriatic, in Trieste – which is approx. 2,5h away. So obviously we had to go… My parents haven’t been to Venice for almost 20 years, and my (younger) sister and I each have only seen the city once, with school, for not more than a couple of hours. Again, we only stayed for a day this time, but we still saw a lot and fell in love with this city all over again. And decided to come back soon, for real. I’m not going to wait another 6 years!

This city is truly magical… The light is so different, the water reflects the sunlight onto the  facades and creates wonderful patterns. And in turn, the buildings are mirrored in the water, as if there was a second city just beneath the surface. Then there is always the sound of the waves, the salty air. And the beautiful buildings! The windows, the balconies, the colours of the walls – So many different shades of red, pink and orange, which is a nice contrast to green-blue water of the canals. So much inspiration from these colour-combinations alone! Some houses are in a really bad condition, but still manage to look charming. And I didn’t know there were so many gardens in Venice! It’s much greener than I thought.

Obviously, the city was filled with people, at least on the main paths. Rialto was suffocating and we decided not to go into San Marco – we didn’t want to wait for almost an hour, in the heat and all. But really, Venice has so many little streets and narrow alleys and only a couple were really unpassable. The city istn’t big, but if  you take a couple of turns into an other direction, you will end up somewhere completely different – somewhere more quiet and less chaotic, but equally beautiful. There are signs everywhere, which show you the direction to the most famous sights and are helpful for general orientation, so getting lost will definitely happen, but finding the way back again (though probably a different one) isn’t too difficult either. A good map is certainly helpful though, especially if you are looking for something specific! We really wanted to see the Curch of Santa Maria dei Miracoli for example and with the help of a map we found it much quicker.

Talking about people… I did actually see someone I ‘knew’! I ran into Scott Schuman and Jenny Walton from The Sartorialist! I found out later that apparently they were in Venice only for a day – What a fabulous coincidence to be in the same little street at the same time! I told you Venice is magical :)


Procuratie Vecchie

graden in venice

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli (at least the edge)

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

San Marco details


Scuola Grande di San Marco







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