Brick Red and Blue

brick red and blue

The Strawberry Thief print by William Morris has always been one of my absolute favourite Liberty prints. I was so happy when I had the chance to purchase it in London last year (at an amazing price) – and I finally mustered up the courage to cut into it! It took me long enough, especially because I bought it with this exact project in mind: The bow-tied blouse from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing.

I’ve made this pattern before, the last version served as a wearable muslin. I did make some changes to this one: No collar, longer hem and machine made buttonholes. Red buttons to compliment the strawberries, blue topstitching to blend in with the rest of the print. Even though I have sewn the blouse before and the fit was great, this time it’s not 100%, especially in the back. Maybe I should have put the buttons closer to the edge… I don’t know. I actually made to blouse longer so I could wear it on top of trousers and skirts, but with the folds (or is it actually to tight? Feels comfortable though!) it looks better tucked in now.

Very happy with how it turned out overall. Also, the blouse looks perfect together with my bright blue trousers, who knew! I was tempted to dye them a couple of shades darker, but I think I’ll leave them like that for a bit longer now.

socialsewThe blouse is actually my make for this month’s Social Sew! The theme is “Tried & True“, which is a perfect fit: A pattern I have tried before in combination with a fabric I already have worked with. Next month is “Try something new” and I already have an idea for that!

brick red and blue

brick red and blue

brick red and blue





4 thoughts on “Brick Red and Blue

  1. diana says:

    I came over from AllieJ to see your make and I love it! I have some strawberry thief I have been too afraid to cut into and you have inspired me! your top looks great!

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