cotton+steel and colette

I first became actively aware of Cotton+Steel when they collaborated with Rifle Paper Co. this summer. I immediately tried to get my hands on some of these wonderful prints, but they aren’t sold anywhere near me – the closest shop is in Hamburg! There is one shop in Vienna, Stoffsalon, which does sell some Cotton+Steel fabric though – and they had a sale last week! So I got two meters of this beautiful enamel flower print from the ‘Picnic’ collection (Spring 2015), it was 50 percent off. It is quilting weight cotton and I plan to make a circle skirt out of it. Maybe add some kind of bodice and turn it into a dress? Still undecided… Btw, I asked wether they would eventually carry some of the Rifle Paper fabrics but the lady told me they hadn’t ordered anything lately… Have to find another resource!

I got the Colette Iris shorts for an amazing prize (3,50€, can you believe it?) as well – I just couldn’t resist. I’m always looking for a good trousers pattern, because even though I have my well-fitting block, I think there is space for improvement. I just want to experiment with different patterns to see which one is truly perfect (even though I don’t believe in perfection, especially when it comes to fit!)




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