Resisting – or not?

I haven’t been shopping (clothes) or even just looking into shops for months. If I can make it, I won’t buy it. Theoretically – I still do buy clothes from time to time, but I can’t even remember what the last item I purchased was. Also, I’ve been staying away from high street stores for a couple of other reasons as well – mostly because of their humane and environmental issues. Still, I recently had some time to spend and thought it was a good idea to go into Zara (it was not) and see what they’ve got. I ended up being surprised – and confused.

I loved their shoes, the military inspired jackets (they were veeery quick to copy Burberry. Or is it a nod to Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger?), the embroideries and the plisseéd skirts. But as I strolled through the store, stroking the clothes to feel the quality of the fabrics (which might have changed slightly to the better, at least that’s what I think/felt), trying on shoes… I felt bad about it. I know that Zara mass produces their products, ruining people and the environment. And yet I’m thinking about getting these boots I saw, or maybe one of the jackets. Or should I wait for the sale?….

Where does this sudden urge to buy these clothes come from? Am I fatigued by making my own clothes? I think not, I’ve never had more ideas and I’m excited to turn them all into actual garments. And it is also not that I’m bored with making every-day stuff and would rather want to buy that – I’m currently cutting my first pair of jeans. And look at my favourites: These are statement pieces, not basics. Maybe I just want some instant gratification? See something, buy it and wear it, all within an hour. No cutting, assembling, pressing, fitting, etc before a piece can finally be worn. Maybe I’m too slow for myself?

I think the last question is the one that really pins my problem down. I have plans for so many garments and I just want them all to be completed right away. Which is so unrealistic, but I just can’t stop thinking about patterns and fabrics. What I really need to do is to prioritize. Focus on the piece I’m currently working on and not jumping from project to project. It’s obvious, but sometimes I need a reminder.

My takeaway of this rather ramble-y post filled with questions and no answers: Slow down, take my time. Do overthink the purchase. Think about my style, and my lifestyle. Is the item really worth spending money on? Do I need an embroidered mini-skirt and a military jacket? Especially from that company? Do I want to support them? Or would I rather take my time, make something with my own hands and fill my wardrobe slowly with the things that mean something rather than fast with interchangable clothes that were bought without a second thought? Answer is obvious I think. I might still get those shoes though.


3 thoughts on “Resisting – or not?

  1. Freshly Sewn says:

    I’ve been thinking about this too. I slow very slowly, but I want everything now! I was thinking that I would apply project management principles to sewing to kind of streamline my process.

    Also, in addition to the reasons you stated, I don’t really want to buy clothes because they aren’t good enough for me… Manufacturers make crappy clothes in plus sizes.

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