Work in Progress

the curated closet

The perfect wardrobe. A dream of mine for a long time and I’ve done a couple of things in the past to achieve it. And yet, the outcome was never what I really wanted, the dream stayed a dream. Maybe I didn’t have the right mindset to begin with – I thought I knew what my perfect wardrobe would look like and then tried to work through the exercises accordingly (thinking about how I approached the Wardrobe Architect in particular).

Alongside the just mentioned Wardrobe Architect, I also worked my way through the posts, tips and challenges of Into Mind: Probably the my favourite blog when it comes to curating and cultivating your personal style. It did help me to get some better ideas about my preferences and my overall style – but I was still not overly happy with my closet. And also not with what I was adding to it. It didn’t work as a whole, it was not cohesive enough and left me slightly frustated every time.

Remember last week’s post? This one kind of follows the same train of thought. I guess autumn makes me all contemplative and introspective :). I spent a lot of time thinking about why I want to buy certain items and make others. What my (life)style is and how I see myself. Have I really found my personal style already or am I still not quite there yet? What I need is some help and some guidelines to figure all of this out. The right questions in order to get the real answers.

Long story short, I decided to get Anuschka Rees’ ‘The Curated Closet‘. What I need is all the information in a structured and compact way, and as I love her blog, I’m sure I’ll love the book as well. I also downloaded the curated closet workbook (actually got it first and then realized that it would be a good idea to have both and work with them together) because this time, I’m serious about it. I’m going into this with a fresh mind, and I am determined to make it work this time. It can only get better.







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