Wow, the last couple of weeks have been intense and I wasn’t able to spent as much thought on this blog as I would have liked. There are just a lot of things going on right now and I neither have the time nor the energy to come up with any content – so please bear with me! I don’t know how long this phase will last and when I can finally come back and dedicate more time into this blog. Let’s hope it’s soon.

Still, I have a couple of sewing-related updates I wanted to share with you. A bit of progress as well as some finished makes – I just thought you might like to know what I’m working on (when I don’t have to do a thousand of other things)!

First are two more Astorias. One will be part of my november Social Sew, so more about this one later. The other one is made out of the scraps of this one and the blue-grey one. The fit on these two is perfect, I just went a size down at the waist and now they look how they are supposed to. I also lowered the necklines at the front, I thought they where a bit too high. Even though I have three Astorias now, I’m thinking about making more, maybe in navy, dark grey and/or black. They really only take one hour to make and if you make them all at the same time, you’re even faster. I love this pattern :)


Next up is a slightly gathered circle skirt. The fabric is a beautiful Cotton+Steel quilting cotton I got at a fabric sale last month. I somehow didn’t manage to cut a full circle (I think the fabric wasn’t wide enough, but it was also late at night when I decided to start with this skirt, so maybe I should blame that) and so I cut a half circle skirt and then one more panel, because the print didn’t look good – I wanted more fullness. I don’t know what this is now. A three-quarter-circle skirt? Or one and a forth? Don’t ask me, I don’t remember. I guess I could just measure it, but anyway. Because the third panel was a later addition after I had done all the math to figure out the radius etc, the waistline was too big and so I gathered it down to the correct size. I really like how this looks now, full and pretty. All it needs is hemming.

c+s circle skirt

Now the last thing is actually a wearable muslin of the Grainline Studio Archer button up shirt. For this test version I made view B, with the flounce at the back. The shirt still needs cuffs, collar, button/holes and hemming, but I can already say that it looks just as expected. I will only make two minor changes – slightly adjust the shoulder seam and grade back to my original size at the hips: I graded up to a 10 based on my measurements, but that is totally not necessary. Will cut a straight size 8 next. I used a lilac/grey cotton for this version, wich is extremely densley woven – it took a while to figure out which needle would work with such a fabric (I ended up using a jeans needle, it was the only one that went through all the layers without getting stuck somewhere). To make it a bit more fun, I decided to put one of my indian stamps to good use and printed a little fish on the edge of the collar. I also assure you that the pocket and everything else is straight, I just didn’t photograph it on a level surface :) And it needs ironing. I will show you the whole thing when it’s done!


And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it, I’m going back to my desk now :)




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