rocksound - tøp

Do you know this feeling when you wish you had discovered something earlier? That’s exactly how I feel at the moment, but it’s really my own fault – I should have listened to my sister! She’s someone who’s constantly talking about music and told me about twenty one pilots well over a year ago. I didn’t listen, I didn’t care and when they suddenly started to pop up on the radio earlier this year, I was even less interested. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when they had a concert in Vienna – my sister wanted to go (and I would have reluctantly gone with her), but it sold out so quickly she couldn’t get any tickets. Anyway, a few days after the concert I decided to watch one of their performances on youtube (I don’t really know why) and wow, I was blown away. These guys, they are incredible. Their shows are awesome and I immediately changed my mind about their music – I. Love. It. I’m listening to them non-stop now…. Totally converted.
I’m really regretting not paying attention to my sister earlier (sorry!) and obviously not getting tickets for the concert. But a small compensation arrived in the mail this week – I ordered the rocksound issue nr.220 because I wanted to read their interview, but couldn’t find it online. That was definitely my favourite thing this week :)







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