The FIA Prize Giving Gala was in the Hofburg this friday – the event were the Formula 1 world champion gets his trophy, alongside winners of other motorsport categories. To celebrate that, there was a little ‘exhibition’ in front of the palace, as well as interviews with drivers, rookies and experts, all open to the public.
Daniel Ricciardo’s car was on display as well as Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes and several other cars from the WRC, WTCC and RX – I know next to nothing about them, so I didn’t really pay attention.
I did miss the interesting stuff though – the interviews! I had to leave very early for a millinery workshop (I had signed up for it months ago, but how I wish it would have been on another day…!) and so I didn’t see Daniel, Max or Lewis and didn’t hear about Nico’s retirement until later – that was certainly a huge surprise! But still, it was great to get one more taste of  Formula 1 before the winter break and I’m honestly so excited about march already :)




One thought on “Favourite

  1. Taswegian1957 says:

    What a shame you had to miss the interviews. I was as surprised as you by Nico’s retirement. He’s still a young man but if he feels he’s done all he wanted to do good luck to him. It will be less of a headache for Mercedes next year if they don’t have to referee their drivers. I’m assuming they will hire one content to be a number two to Lewis or the fun will begin all over again. I was very pleased that Nico won as he was my choice after Daniel of course.

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