yoyo skirt

Hello there! I hope someone is still reading – not that there is much to read on my blog these days – and I actually don’t think there will be any new posts except for my weekly favourites in the next two weeks before Christmas: It’s just crazy around here and I don’t have the time/energy to create any content. I kind of started planning for the new year already and I feel that posting only half-heartedly would just be a waste. I seriously can’t wait for the Christmas break now, when I’ll have time to work on these ideas!
Btw. one thing that always helps me with coping with stressful times is sewing. It may not be the best idea to sew when you actually have not enough time for all the other things already, but it also makes me incredibly productive – I’ll try to finish as many items as possible in a short amount of time, start sewing right after cutting out…. I need easy projects that can be finished in a couple of hours though, nothing complicated and super advanced of tricky to fit. An example is in the picture above: I made a Papercut Patterns Yoyo skirt (I’ve made one before) and used the leftover fabric to make an easy pair of shorts – without pockets and an invisible zipper at the center back. It was such a quick make, and as I didn’t have any shorts for winter, I’m super happy with how they turned out. And I really like my other yoyo skirt and wear it all the time, so I knew I just had to make another one…
You’ll see these two pieces worn sometime after the 24th!




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