End of The Year


I thought I’d pop in here one last time before the year is ending and show you my christmas dress – or as much as you can see from it! My sister and I wanted to try ‘writing’ with light (we used sparklers) and decided to take pictures of my dress as well. They  turned out pretty dark, but I still love them – I love anything moody, mysterious, dark… Also, there is nothing particularly interesting about this dress except for it’s sparkly fabric, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t see everything.

Details about the dress: It’s a super simple sack dress with three-quarter sleeves, made out of copper lamé I’d had in my stash for at least three years. As a pattern I used my bodice block and sewed just the two bust darts and scooped out the neckline. The construction was really simple, but I did use french seams everywhere for a neat finish – and I wanted to make sure that the scratchy metallic threads of the lamé wouldn’t come in contatct with my skin. It was finished within a couple of hours – maximum success for minimal effort.

Also, this is my entry for Allie’s december Social Sew – Holiday Glamour. I’ve just managed to submit it before the deadline – visit her blog to see many more awesome holiday garments, it’s very inspiring!

And to conclude this post, as well as this year: I obviously have not been very active lately, but I promise you – there will be new content in the new year. I also plan to change a couple of things (mainly frequency and also slightly the topics of posts) but overall, things will stay the same. Still, I’m happy about these small changes and I’m also really looking forward to posting again! I did miss it it :)







3 thoughts on “End of The Year

  1. kalimak says:

    I can’t make out much in these dark photos. But what I can see I like very much! I hope you get a chance to snap some photos in better lighting some time after the festivities are over :-)

    Happy 2017! Alles Beste im neuen Jahr!

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