Currently – Spring 2017

Stopping by again! I thought I’d give you a little live-update and you fill you in.

UnbenanntMusic Pink and Blue No.1, Georgia O’Keeffe
(There was a fantastic exhibition at the Bank Austria Kunstforum recently… I just love these colours, they are my favourites at the moment!)

Good news first – I’m currently working on the women’s costumes for a small theatre production here in Vienna. It takes place in ca. 1935 – I’ve obviously been looking at a lot of vintage patterns and illustrations and really fell in love with that era! Not as loose as the late twenties, but not yet as structured as the 1940ies. I can highly recommend the book “Everyday Fashions of the 30s as Pictured in Sears Catalogs” by Stella Blum, it’s been really helpful and very inspiring!

Now for the not so good ones…. Remember when I said I was preparing my portfolio for the University of Applied Arts? Well, I didn’t get in. They liked my portfolio, but then weren’t convinced of my work during the actual exam. My next chance is the Academy of Fine Arts, the admission tests are in June. I hope I have more luck then!

And that’s about it, I think. I’m seriously looking forward to the easter holidays, because a) school is really going on my nerves at the moment and b) I’ve been in Vienna for three whole months now and I just need to get out! Ever since I moved out of my parent’s home and away from Salzburg, I’ve never been anywhere for three months straight and it’s killing me. Even if it’s just returning to Salzburg for a week, a change of scene is bitterly needed. I also think that all this staying in one place is part of the reason why I’m feeling so uninspired lately: I need some change. Now. :)

I hope you’re having a relaxing sunday evening and a good start into the week, talk to you soon!


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