Sewing, LYF

Tattoos & Sewing. One has fascinated ever since I’ve been a small child, the other one is my dearest hobby. Both are all about the right needle (kind of)….. And now one will remind me forever of the other.


I got my tattoo (first of many – I’ve got so many ideas!) last week, at Vienna Electric Tattoo. The artist is Sam Rulz, a super talented woman – check out her instagram here. I am so in love with her etching style, it’s perfect for my pair of scissors (fabric shears, obviously). I didn’t want regular shading, I wanted something a little more interesting, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I just I’d let you know, from now on, you will see it in all the photos – it’s quite big, so you can’t really miss it :) Also, I know that not everyone out there likes tattoos, so please, if you hate it, try to keep your opinion to yourself….Merken


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