Back Into the Flow


Let me tell you, getting back into writing after a long break is kind of hard. The words don’t come as easily as they used to. They tend to sound a bit forced and stiff and don’t flow and have the right rhythm. It’s all due to practice, as it is the case with everything really. But I’ll try my best….

Anyway, let’s talk about the pictures, or rather, about the clothes I’m wearing. Everything is self-made, except for the shoes (they are from Bensimon, in case you’re wondering). These are the jeans, the top is a Seamwork Kenedy dress and the kimono is self-drafted. And I also made my headband – the fabric is a leftover from my ‘ginghamalong’ project. Headbands are perfect for using up scraps…..

I think I might add ruffles to the hem of the Kenedy some time soon – it’s super short and I can only really wear it as a long top or with opaque leggings underneath. I made two more versions of it so far, and lengthened both by 5 cm – now they are perfect. I also think that the fabric I used for this first version isn’t ideal – it doesn’t have the right amount of drape and as a result the ‘dress’ looks more tent-like than I intended. Again, I don’t have this problem with the other two versions I made (I used soft lawns for both).

The kimono is probably the one piece of clothing I’m wearing the most right now. It fills an annoying gap in wardrobe: It’s a lightweight jacket for late spring/summer/autumn, that I can wear over anything: The sleeves are wide enough for thicker fabrics unterneath, the length is perfect and I love the fabric/colour! Major bonus points: the deep pockets. I drafted it myself, which was easy, because I had a reference: a kimono from my sister, which I wanted to recreate. I made some changes, but it basically consists of a couple of slightly slanted rectangles – one piece for the back, two fronts, two pockets, 4 pieces for the sleeves and one neckband (also two pieces). I actually wrote down all the measurements for the individual pieces, and took some in-process pictures of some of the steps: If you are interested, I can dedicate a seperate post to the kimono’s construction.

And that’s that….. In the end, writing this post was easier than expected. I guess I just need to get back into the flow!








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