Busy Times


Busy times are coming: I’ll be in Graz next week, then for a few days at home (my sister is visiting us) and after that I’ll have to pack and be ready for the move! I have so much stuff and really have to leave things behind or just throw them away. And once I have settled in my new home and organized everything  (like going to the registration office, getting a confirmation that I am indeed continuing with my education etc.) the school already starts! I won’t have that much time to just hang around like Edie in the picture :)

So I don’t really know if I’ll have much time to blog or even have things that are blog-worthy? I’ll see how it goes… But don’t be surprised if it will be a bit quiet around here (even though I hope not!). At least, I have one post scheduled for next week, so there is something to look forward to! :)

And before I forget it – I painted one wall of the diorama! It felt too boring, all in white, so I thought some change would be good and painted it in a light blue-turquoise. It is perfect for summer and reminds me of Greece and India.




The Stairs-Diorama is finally finished! I planned to complete it until the 31st of December, but it took one day longer… Well, after all, it is done and that’s all that counts. It took me one year and a half to build it – mostly because there were so many months in between, when I did hardly anything. But that doesn’t matter now! I really worked hard on it the last couple of days. I finally straightened the left wall, painted it and  inserted the big door. Then I made the banister and painted it, as well as the floor. I also attached the little fountain and the ivy. In the end, I added the moss and the dirt. Waiting until everything was dry, so I could finally play with it, was maybe the hardest part! I actually think, that over time, I might change things a bit, like adding some more paint or moss on certain places – I will figure that out, once I’m photographing it more. But generally, I want the diorama to change easily – that also was my intention from the beginning, I wanted it to be flexible and variable. I can add chairs and tables and an umbrella to make it look like a café or I could add pots with flowers and a bench to transform it into a private patio. I can’t wait for trying out all the possibilities!


It didn’t take long and my ladies started exploring this new place. This are just some pictures of the first shoot, many more will follow!






Diorama UPDATE!

Some news from my diorama! I worked on it a lot lately and here are the results: The backwall is now replaced by one made out of wood. It has the same hight as the last one, but I realised that I have to make it higher, if I want the pictures to look realistic. I give you an example:



Do you see the difference? Everytime I would want to take a picture of one of my dolls standing under the arch, I would  have to shoot from above, what makes them look totally cropped and weird.. Anyway, the problem is solved now. As the windows look a bit like the ones of a prison, I will be adding some leaf-ornaments. Here is a picture from the process:


I also decided that I want a hanging street lamp, but I haven’t made any sketches yet. I did make some of a small fountain, which will be at the very beginning of the street.


The basin will be sculpted like a large shell and there will pearls framing a picture of the sea. I already have finished some parts of it.


Right now, I am making the big portal for the left wall. I wanted it to look similar to the other, already finished one, so I took that one as a reference.




Only doorknobs are missing! But I’m already finished with the back – I wanted it to be different from the rest, so my diorama is more versatile – when it’s closed (so you only see the front), it looks a bit elvish-Art Nouveau , but when it’s open, it could be from any epoch.


For me, the most important thing is that everything looks realistic and it’s only logical that the streets and walls get dirty, when people are walking there everyday, it rains, it’s dusty from the cars, plants begin to grow in the tiny cracks…. I added some patina to the stairs and several walls, but I’m still trying to find some green flocking, which would be the moss growing in the corners!




Have a nice weekend; I know, how I will spend mine – crafting! :)

What is going on?


So, where have I been the last week? As I said in my last post, I had my matura, or to be precise, the writing part. I was really scared about maths, but it turned out to be not that difficult. German was more tricky than I expected it to be, but spanish and english were easy – I hope I’ll get good grades there. After 4 days (one day off – sunday) of concentrating for five hours and studying all afternoon, I am pretty exhausted. But strangely, I am bursting with ideas and just want to start new projects! But first of all, I completely turned my room upside down and cleaned it from top to bottom. It took me a whole afternoon and I’m still not completely finished – studying 4 different things for a month makes everything pretty messy – papers where flying around everywhere! But now my room is cleaned and I have time to makeup my mind as well! There are so many things I want to do, now that the exams are over – the rest is in 5 weeks, so I have plenty of time.

Do you remember my stairs-diorama? I planned to finish it at Christmas, but now it’s nearly one year old and still not ready. I actually tore one wall down as the cardboard lost it’s shape when I attached some paper-maché – I plan to make this part out of wood now.. My goal is now to finish it in the summer holidays – I should be able to do that! That’s how the back street looks like right now:


But let’s talk about some prettier things, shall we? I am currently in love with embroidery. I don’t know why, but I just want to embroider everything. I bought the new Marie Claire idees 2 weeks ago and there was a whole chapter about embroidery, inspired by different countries, so I guess that’s where it comes from!.. I want to try out the collar, inspired by India (picture is a property of Marie Claire, via here), although I think I might change the colours..


I am also looking forward to seeing several movies, especially Star Trek: Into Darkness. Although I am to young for ‘growing up with it’, I remember my brother talking about it and I think he also had a little miniature Enterprise… Anyway, I saw the movie from 2009 and I loved it. I bought the DVD immediately and hoped for a sequel – which comes now! I was already excited when I heard that they were going to make it, but when they announced, that Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play the villain – I couldn’t believe it! (: I think I’ll go on monday… I also can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby – originally they wanted to release it on Christmas, but now finally, 5 months later: My expectations are really high, but I am confident, that the movie will be able to fulfill them! (:

That brings me also to my mini fashion collection for dolls, I’m currently working on. It’s not yet finished, but I think it will be next week. I have another sneak peek for you though:


And now I think I’ll relax a bit in the sun on my balcony, before I go to Vienna over the weekend!

Diorama update #2

Finally I can show you some pictures of my still unfinished diorama. The things missing now is the big portal, the banister and paint!


View through the window:


I also added a little … how do you call it? I don’t even know the word in german…. The ivy is not yet fixed, and there will be much more growing on the walls.


Alba is already testing everything and hopes (just like me) it will be finished soon!!


Diorama Update

So here is the promised update..

First, I finished the floor, only the color is missing (just like at the walls). I used little rectangles cut out of a rough cardboard, and glued them onto the cardboard-floor – like paving stones. It was such a pain to do that! They had to match up of course, and then I ran out of material… I made one half of it in one ‘rush’, but afterwards I was so bored of it, I didn’t do anything for a month. I eventually finished it and then I covered everything with a mixture of plaster and sand. Although that was my original plan, it was somehow hard to do it – you still see each rectangle, and it’s much smoother now, but it felt a bit like the endless cutting and glueing was a waste of time… Anyway, here is the floor! Without paint, but I think the long work did pay of.

I also finished the right wall and the one in the back. As I wrote before, both of them will get some color. I wanted the right wall to look really old, with holes in the plaster and stuff like that and I’ll also try to achive this ‘used’ look with paint. I’m still not sure about the colors for the 2 walls, I think I’ll make them light grey and a slightly darker tone, maybe with a blue/green hue.

And I also finished the door, but it is still has no color or doorknob. To make it more interesting and go with the theme/inspiration I have in mind (more about this when it’s finished – hopefully in 2 months!), I cut out a relief and with newspaper and paste I fixed it on the door. I bought some small hinges and attached them, too. The front is the one with only one ‘swirl’, the back has 3. Can you already guess, what my inspiration is? 


The next important part is the left wall with the big gate. I think I’ll also cut out a window… Then I have to make the small alley behind the back wall, color will come afterwards, as well as a banister for the stairs and the ‘balcony’. I hope I’ll be able to finish it in time, but I’m confident. I’m just not allowed to ‘forget’ about it, but always work a little on it! :)

Have a nice sunday!



Lace & Pearls

Recently, I made a new dress for Blake. It’s made out of lace (surprise, surprise :)), so it’s actually more suited for summer than for autumn. But Blake pairs it with a long blazer and is ready to go! I bought the ‘half’-pearls last week and I also embellished my cream peter-pan collar with them.It looks much better now, I’ll post a picture soon!

I also restyled Cersei’s hair a bit – it started to get messy… Now you can see her eyebrows and ears!

And I also continued with the diorama! The floor and one wall is finished (except there is no paint yet) and I’m currently working on the doors. I’ll post about the update soon!