DIY Shrug Tutorial

I have a very simple tutorial for a shrug today – with a little twist! It’s in 1:6, with Edie as my model. The big bonus when making samples on such a small scale: If you mess up, you don’t waste too much fabric. And I also had a lot of fun getting one of the dolls out again and playing a bit! But don’t worry, you can still make this shrug for yourself, in the right scale, I’ll explain everything below.

shrug - Lassmista

Here is what you’ll need:

shrug tutorial -- lassemista

  • fabric
  • measuring tape
  • thread
  • pins
  • fabric shears
  • thread scissors (optional)
    About the fabric: I used a lightweight jersey, because when working on a small scale, using light fabric is key. I recommend knits, you could use anything from drapey jerseys to more stuctured or heavy doubleknits. Keep in mind that it will affect the look of the shrug, it’s going to be more flowy/stiff depending on your choice.

shrug tutorial - lassemista

Next, time to take some measurements. First, the width. Measure the distance from the mid of your forearm, all the way across to your other arm. Add 1 cm on each side as seam allowance. The total width is 17+1cm in this case (I only used 0,5 cm seam allowance, becausew everything is so tiny already).

shrug tutorial - lassemista

For the length of the rectangle, I measured from Edie’s shoulder down to her hips and then doubled that number (9×2=18). I did not add seam allowances, because I’m lazy and the fabric doesn’t unravel: I’m leaving both armholes and hem unfinished.

shrug tutorial - lassemista

Next, fold the rectangle right sides together and sew the sideseams. Leave an opening (ca. 15cm) at the top, where the fold is. These are going to be the armholes. If desired, finish them by turning them under twice and topstitiching, or using bias tape… it’s up to you!

shrug tutorial - lassemista

Turn everything inside out, press the seams and finish the hem. And that was it! So easy!

shrug - Lassemista

shrug - Lassemista

shrug - Lassemista

Too good not to share

I have some very exciting new dolls for you today: The twins are making their comeback! Lilith and Eden are always very sought-after and their newest incarnation will be no different – especially because they are for W-Club member only (which is starting to get on my nerves… it seems to me that they are all just for members this year).

But back to the dolls, which are , in my opinion, simply fabulous. I love their edgy style, super sexy and powerful. Very Balmain-inspired! Eden’s coat is a favourite, and look at their shoes! The hairstyles are a bit unusal, but I actually like them. I feel all the excitement for IT coming back and can’t wait to see all the dolls from the Convention, which takes place next week!

‘Never Ordinary’ Lilith & Eden (raven&platinum)


never ordinary1

never ordinary2

never ordinary

All pictures are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.!

Some Favourites

I know that I said I wouldn’t post promotional pictures of Integrity Toys dolls anymore. But in the last couple of months, IT released some new collections and some dolls are seriously gorgeous and worth sharing. I might do this update a couple of times a year, just sharing my recent favourites. My own Fashion Royalties are back in their boxes now and will have to stay there until September… I miss randomly playing with them already!

My absolute favourite of them all is definitely “Voltage” Erin S. She’s from the new Nu.Face collection – the whole set of 5 is beautiful, but she is the best of them all. Her clothes, her accessoires, the hair colour and of course her face – amazing! I had absolutely zero chance of getting her, she was sold out immediately (2 hours later was way too late). Let’s see if I can still get her second hand, but I doubt that – at least not for a reasonable prize, as she seems to be quite popular!




“Polarity” Nadja R. is another Nu.Face and second on my list. While the clothes are alright (the skirt…hmmm), her face is absolutely stunning. I will definitely try to get her second hand, I hope she won’t be as popular as Erin!




Another one that I really like is “Super Natural” Anais McKnight, an FR16. She has the same sculpt my Adriana has, but her attitude is totally different: She looks so subtle, elegant, soft… Very beautiful. I’m still thinking about repainting Adriana and I might go into this direction with her.

super natural1

super natura

And now for the Poppies! Wonderfully 60ies this time. I actually think that the 60ies suit her much better than the 50ies (her ‘original’ decade). “Go See!” is easily my favourite of them all, it’s just so fun and young and fresh. I could do without the curl, though.

go see

go see1

I decided to add another Poppy to the list to have 5 favourites (the FR didn’t completely convince me). So here is “Out of this World”: Very interesting and special. The clothes are maybe a tad too much, but I’m surprised that I actually like her really cold colour palette. Silver smokey eyes? Yes please!

out of this world1

out of this world

(All pictures on this post are the property of Integrity Toys Inc.!)


Silverstone, Great Britain


For me, British fashion is very eclectic. You have the traditional Savile Row tailoring on one side, with beautiful fabrics like tweed or herringbone. Very traditional, masculine, classic and elegant in a reserved way. And then famous designers come to my mind, like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood – they have extraordinary, avant guarde and very innovative designs. But  they still root in these old traditions of patternmaking and tailoring and that’s something I find extremely fascinating.

But the main inspiration for this outfit came actually from a famous British story – Alice in Wonderland. While making the coat, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Mad Hatter – and added the huge tweed collar. The skirt is made out of some deep purple fabric I had in my stash and it has a copper and turquoise waistband as well as some turquoise stitching around the hem. The whole outfit looks a bit thrown together and motley – taking clues from different epochs, mixing silhouettes, colours and textures – but that is exactly what I was trying to achieve.

(Sadly, I didn’t even see this race (only a summary later) – my parents came over from Salzburg and we spent the afternoon visiting various castles surrounding Vienna. I tried to watch the livestream on my phone, but there was no reception… I hope I’ll have a chance to watch the Hungarian Grand Prix, but it’s my niece’s birthday… argh, family! :)






The World Doll Day Challenge


Yesterday was World Doll Day and to celebrate, there is a little challenge going on, started by The Multicrafteral Lab  – I was tagged by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, thank you for that!

The 3 challenges:

  • List 3 of your favourite dolls you got last year
  • List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist
  • Tag 5 people

The first question made me realize that there wasn’t much happening doll-wise in the last year. In fact I only got 2 new dolls, one is very special, the other one just for fun.

The first one is obviously my Anais McNight FR16 (now called Adriana). I absolutely love her and made her my jet-setting star of the Formula 1 Collection. Also, she was my introduction to bigger dolls and I’d really like to expand my collection into this category a bit.


The second one is a Monster High Howleen. I saw her some time ago and thought she was cute – she is smaller than the regular MHs. Originally, I wanted a Calwdeen, but I opted for her younger sister instead. I haven’t really taken many pictures of her yet, maybe sometime in the future!


Now for the 3 dolls on my wishlist.  Actually, my wishlist is changing constantly, but here are dolls which have been on it for quite some time and I still want them dearly…

The first one is Smoke Screen Dania Zarr from the 2010 Convention collection. I love the Dania sculpt in general, but if I could get just one Dania, it would be her. Silver eyebrows (!), marsala lips, dark blue eyes and smoky eyeshadow… very elegant and, even more importantly, very special. Plus, her clothes are awesome. Here is a better picture of her face.

dania zarr

I also love the Nu.Face twins, Lilith and Eden, but I’m particularly fond of their Nu.Fantasy reincarnation – Wild Wolf Kumi and Red Riding Hood Yuri. This pair truly is a holy grail for me. Complete sets are extremely rare (never seen them both for sale), so my hopes aren’t high – well, I can dream, right? :) But really, I love almost all reinterpreted fairytale dolls: Gretel, Rayna (as Dorothy), the Brides of Dracula, Snow White

wild_wolf_kumiriding hood yuri

And the last doll on my wishlist: An Inamorata. I’ve been following Emilia’s story for a long time now (since she won the first CoutureDollDesignChallenge back in 2009/2010) and I’m a big fan of her creations. Of course I was super excited when I heard that she would start her own doll line. My dream doll would have either the Nnaji or the Charo sculpt. I dare not to think further, as they are out of my reach for now,  but hopefully sometime in the future!


And here are the 5 bloggers I’m tagging – or simply play along as well if you read this!

Miss Jay

The Fashiondoll Chronicles

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Fynn’s Closet/Levitation Inc.


This was fun! Honestly, my interest in 1:4 dolls waned a bit lately, but going through my wishlist, looking up pictures, and all that stuff fueled it again. It just needed that little boost! (can you tell I just watched the 24h of Le Mans?)

Montreal, Canada


When I think about Canada, I think about its specatcular landscape, wild, untamed nature, the Indian summer – all these clichés. For lack of better inspiration (and time! Time is always the biggest issue), I decided to look at what fashion designers did with and ended up being inspired by Dsquared’s autumn 2015 collection – they where my starting point for getting a feeling for this country and turning this vague ideas into clothes

Adriana wears a white eyelet dress with feather embellishments at the neckline. Again, a rather simple white dress… But they look good and are very quick to make – time is very short at the moment and the lack of it is really restricting me. I had great plans for Canada, but as so often these past weeks, I had to cut down and make something simple. Hopefully, this will change once the holidays begin…

Anyways, the dress is embellished with feathers, sequins and rhinestones and has a wide double-belt made out of faux velour and denim (recycled jeans!) There’s not much more to say about this dress, only that I hope more special outfits will follow… Next stop: Austria!






Monte Carlo, Monaco


For me, Monaco represents understated elegance, the jetset, chic and luxury. The people who stayed in the city made it famous as well as its history and the special location – just rocks and the sea, with buildings climbing up the hills, forming narrow streets and a specatcular view of the bay.

Adriana chose a very simple dress for the occasion, which is both practical and elegant and she can wear it to the beach (or yacht), the race and the party afterward. The whitework embroidery on the fabric really comes forward due to the very simple cut of the dress and is enhanced by a few pearls and rhinestones. It is simple and clean, yet very effective – the off-shoulder look adds to the whole elegant vibe I was going for.

Adriana just changes the bikini to proper underwear and adds a long blue scarf for the race – she will tie her hair up and accessorize the dress with some bold, gold jewellery and she’s ready for a night at the Casino.