Favourite Fashion Films

I’m currently up to my ears in work for my portfolio for the University of Applied Arts (for stage design) – The submission and the exam are next week and I’m kind of finished, I think?
I’m actually dying to do something else, to tackle other creative projects that don’t involve paint, paper, acrylic glass, cardstock…. Something involving fabric and a sewing machine would be nice :)

But for now all I can do to keep myself sane (and calm) and make sure I don’t run out of inspiration is to rewatch my favourite fashion films. Short films packed with inspiration, emotion and, most importantly, beautiful clothes. They are all quite different, the range is from moody and sensual to upbeat and happy and everything in between. The ones below have remained my favourites and are the ones that I could watch over and over again. Hope you’ll enjoy them as well, and if you have recommendations, please tell me!

(Not included are all those wonderful behind-the-scenes clips that take us into the ateliers and show us how it’s all made – maybe I’ll post a compilation of my favourites from this section one day! They are just as fascinating!)

It Had To Be You – Vogue India (accompanying this wonderful editorial)

Once Upon a Time in Sicily – Vogue Japan (there is a version in better quality on vimeo)

Learn the ABC’s of Fashion – i-D magazine

Voyage Seafarius – Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion Against Aids – Dan Martensen for H&M

Castaway – Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Summer 2015 Campaign – Dolce&Gabbana

Rangeen – Free People

The Cruise 2016 Campaign – Gucci

Stranger in a Room – Dior Homme Summer 2016

Mr. Burberry – dir. by Steve McQueen, probably the least ‘fashion’ film, but pretty nonetheless

Sylvani – Lookbook

Here they are, in all their glory! I don’t want to say much, just a big thank you to everyone involved – these photos mean so much to me, I can’t even describe it! I had a hard time picking my favourites: I ended up narrowing them down to these 15, but there are so many more! Well, maybe another time…. We also had a second shoot the next day, at a completely different location with (obviously) a very different result. I’m sure I’ll post them here one day as well. For now, enjoy!














Coming Very Soon

I’m so excited to finally be able to share the photos from the lookbook-shoot of my graduation collection! I’m super happy with how they turned out, I’ll upload the whole lookbook in the next week or so, stay tuned! For now, a little teaser:



This November, I …

tiny hoop

  • visited my grandmother in Graz
  • spent a day in Maribor
  • went to the Hofmobiliendepot  (furniture museum, very peculiar)
  • tailored some bootcut jeans into skinnies and now I wear them all the time
  • met some old classmates I hadn’t seen since I graduated
  • lost my blogging mojo a bit
  • and a scarf! It was already unraveling at some parts, but still!
  • finally found an awesome, second hand denim jacket, which looks exactly how I envisioned it
  • read so many Donna Leon novels, I ended up confusing all the crimes/suspects/motives
  • started making some of the christmas presents I’ll be gifting this year

hofbäckerei graz



Astoria and Archer





Work in Progress

the curated closet

The perfect wardrobe. A dream of mine for a long time and I’ve done a couple of things in the past to achieve it. And yet, the outcome was never what I really wanted, the dream stayed a dream. Maybe I didn’t have the right mindset to begin with – I thought I knew what my perfect wardrobe would look like and then tried to work through the exercises accordingly (thinking about how I approached the Wardrobe Architect in particular).

Alongside the just mentioned Wardrobe Architect, I also worked my way through the posts, tips and challenges of Into Mind: Probably the my favourite blog when it comes to curating and cultivating your personal style. It did help me to get some better ideas about my preferences and my overall style – but I was still not overly happy with my closet. And also not with what I was adding to it. It didn’t work as a whole, it was not cohesive enough and left me slightly frustated every time.

Remember last week’s post? This one kind of follows the same train of thought. I guess autumn makes me all contemplative and introspective :). I spent a lot of time thinking about why I want to buy certain items and make others. What my (life)style is and how I see myself. Have I really found my personal style already or am I still not quite there yet? What I need is some help and some guidelines to figure all of this out. The right questions in order to get the real answers.

Long story short, I decided to get Anuschka Rees’ ‘The Curated Closet‘. What I need is all the information in a structured and compact way, and as I love her blog, I’m sure I’ll love the book as well. I also downloaded the curated closet workbook (actually got it first and then realized that it would be a good idea to have both and work with them together) because this time, I’m serious about it. I’m going into this with a fresh mind, and I am determined to make it work this time. It can only get better.






Resisting – or not?

I haven’t been shopping (clothes) or even just looking into shops for months. If I can make it, I won’t buy it. Theoretically – I still do buy clothes from time to time, but I can’t even remember what the last item I purchased was. Also, I’ve been staying away from high street stores for a couple of other reasons as well – mostly because of their humane and environmental issues. Still, I recently had some time to spend and thought it was a good idea to go into Zara (it was not) and see what they’ve got. I ended up being surprised – and confused.

I loved their shoes, the military inspired jackets (they were veeery quick to copy Burberry. Or is it a nod to Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger?), the embroideries and the plisseéd skirts. But as I strolled through the store, stroking the clothes to feel the quality of the fabrics (which might have changed slightly to the better, at least that’s what I think/felt), trying on shoes… I felt bad about it. I know that Zara mass produces their products, ruining people and the environment. And yet I’m thinking about getting these boots I saw, or maybe one of the jackets. Or should I wait for the sale?….

Where does this sudden urge to buy these clothes come from? Am I fatigued by making my own clothes? I think not, I’ve never had more ideas and I’m excited to turn them all into actual garments. And it is also not that I’m bored with making every-day stuff and would rather want to buy that – I’m currently cutting my first pair of jeans. And look at my favourites: These are statement pieces, not basics. Maybe I just want some instant gratification? See something, buy it and wear it, all within an hour. No cutting, assembling, pressing, fitting, etc before a piece can finally be worn. Maybe I’m too slow for myself?

I think the last question is the one that really pins my problem down. I have plans for so many garments and I just want them all to be completed right away. Which is so unrealistic, but I just can’t stop thinking about patterns and fabrics. What I really need to do is to prioritize. Focus on the piece I’m currently working on and not jumping from project to project. It’s obvious, but sometimes I need a reminder.

My takeaway of this rather ramble-y post filled with questions and no answers: Slow down, take my time. Do overthink the purchase. Think about my style, and my lifestyle. Is the item really worth spending money on? Do I need an embroidered mini-skirt and a military jacket? Especially from that company? Do I want to support them? Or would I rather take my time, make something with my own hands and fill my wardrobe slowly with the things that mean something rather than fast with interchangable clothes that were bought without a second thought? Answer is obvious I think. I might still get those shoes though.

Once in a Lifetime


The presentation of my graduate collection “Sylvani”… Where to start?

I presented my collection on the 18th of March – not on a traditional runway, but as a Tableau Vivant – a living picture. A living room, with two huge, old armchairs. The models would wander through the crowd, captured in their own imagination, taking no notice of the people around them. They would then arrange themselves on and arround the chairs, freezing for a moment – a polaroid picture would be taken. They would then change their positions a couple of times until they would slowly disappear again – only to return half an hour later, and everything would start again.

That was the theory. The reality looked a bit different – nothing is ever perfect, least of all improvisation. But that’s alright, that is part of the whole idea. In retrospect, I would have changed a couple of things, but all in all, it was – awesome. The whole atmosphere was just so special. The idea to present the collections (ca. 20 of the 57) as an exhibition was the best we ever had: The event had an intimate, informal character. You could see the creations up close, you could almost touch them. You could talk about the clothes, come back to the different installations again and again. There was no rush, you could take your time to take it all in. I think we kind of baffled the audience, they were taken by surprise: It was certainly not what they expected.

The only thing that I found a bit sad was that there was no real appreciation of the designers, if you know what I mean – there was no defilee with the designers (obviously) and no applause, only at the very end…. But honestly, I kind of dread being at the centre of attention anyway, I want to let my clothes speak for themselves. It’s not important who made them, what matters is how they look like and the way they are presented. Oh, the clothes! I have a professional shooting planned for May and I decided that once I’ll get the pictures, I’ll talk more about the collection and the inspiration behind it, etc…. So you’ll have to wait for that part a bit longer!

Sylvani© Felix Vratny Photography

I thought it would be easier to let some time pass before I wrote this post… My wallet was stolen that day (ca. 140€ damage in total) and I had a complete breakdown the next day (the day of the fashion show) and had to get home, away from everything. I just couldn’t cope with all that happened that weekend and I wasn’t ready to write about it (not very good feelings about everything for a variety of reasons – that wouldn’t have made for a good post!). But now, more than two weeks later, I do regret this choice – so many of these first, raw emotions are already forgotten, what is left is a strange feeling and a couple of pictures. But don’t get me wrong: I am grateful for this experience. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing (I guess – you never know, right?) and very special.

sylvani                                  © Felix Vratny Photography

Btw, one of the models was my younger sister – she wore my masterpiece, the embroidered jacket – obviously :) So proud of her! She also modeled for others the next day, at the runway show. To see pictures of that (and more from the Tableau Vivant as well), go to Modekollektivraum16 on facebook.

sylvani© Maingarde