You know that I love to plan. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s my favourite part. I also (try) to plan my sewing, match fabrics with patterns, make a queue… until I change my mind and make something completely different. So plannig what I will sew for a whole year? How can this possibly work?

I see my #2017makenine as a list of things that I definitely want to make, I could also call them The Big Nine or something. I put a lot of things on this list that I have wanted to make for a long time and this year I will finally make them so that I can move on and dream about different things. There are some easy, quick projects as well as more tricky/time consuming ones. There is a lot of outerwear – I just find it really difficult to find coats and jackets that I like and that are in my price range (I wouldn’t say no to a Peacock Feathered Burberry Trench Coat, ha!). But alas, DIY it is! Luckily I love to sew…

(for links to source, click on the picture! Patterns and everything else are linked as well, just move the cursor over the text! (since I changed my theme slightly, the links don’t show up in a different colour anymore…))

I’m really loving the oversized-shirt/sweater-and-leggings look at the moment and while I own some shirts, I don’t have any leggings. Finding the right fabrics might prove to be a little tricky, but I already found the perfect pattern.
*pattern: Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings

Suede Trench Coat
I’ve been dreaming about a suede trenchcoat and I just happen to have 4m of faux suede waiting to be cut into. It will happen this year. (it must)
*pattern: Named Clothing Isla Trench Coat

Both out of a regular stable knit and… velvet! (totally inspired by Sara, her version is an absolute dream)
*patterns: Named Clothing Alexandria Peg Trousers, Papercut Patterns Anima Pant, True Bias Hudson Pant (still not sure which might suit me best!)

Light Dufflecoat/Parka
The Albion is waiting for a while now, I’m waiting for the right fabric. A lightweight parka would be nice as well.
*patterns: Colette Albion, Burdastyle Parka (because I have this issue already)

Something less structured than a trenchcoat and less detailed than a parka. I can imagine a solid, black, understated one as well as a velvet version.
*pattern: Orageuse Londres Trench Coat

Bomber/Souvenier Jacket/Hoodie
I recently discovered that bombers do look good on me (used to be convinced of the opposite) and now I want to make one myself. I would really love to add a huge embroidery to the back, but to be realistic – that probably won’t happen (maybe patches instead?). Ideally, I could also modify the pattern to be both a jacket and a sweater, and even add a hood to it.
*pattern: Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber (though not ideal, the best one I’ve seen… any other suggestions?)

Great for layering, perfect for summer. I already have so many outfits in mind and could come up with countless options more. I also love how I can customize them with lace, embroidery….
*patterns: Seamwork Savanah, True Bias Ogden Cami, Tessuti Sadie Slip Dress or I’ll try to make a pattern myself

Again, great for layering. Especially under those high-waisted skirts and shorts I wear all the time. I’d also love to play with details like super low backs, v-necks, lace, sheer panels, etc.
*patterns: Closet Case Nettie Bodysuit, Named Clothing Tuuli Bodysuit or selfdrafted again

Maxi Shirtdress
The shirtdress is still my favourite kind of dress and this year I really want to make a maxi version. And generally try out new lenghts for both skirts and dresses (tea/maxi).
*patterns: Grainline Studio Archer Button Up (for a more relaxed look), Sew Over It Vintage Shirtdress, Sewaholic Nicola Dress, Named Clothing Wenona Shirt Dress, Deer and Doe Bruyère Shirt (all lengthened to floor length)

These are the big sewing goals for 2017. Without doubt, I will make othe things as well and maybe not all of the ones listed above. That’s alright. Plans change, I change, I might not want to have a souvenir jacket in my closet after all. But right now, this list looks perfect to me. Maybe (absolutely!) a bit ambitious, but I have twelve months to make them. Let’s get sewing!

For 2017


Hello there! New year, new perspectives, new ideas, new priorities…

I decided to just ‘start fresh’ and not drag old posts into the new year – there won’t be a december recap for example (nothing interesting happened anyway). Or a review of the whole year for that matter. 2016 was alright, with some highs and also some very deep lows, both personal and in general. But it’s behind us now and I’d rather look forwards than backwards.

So what’s to come, especially regarding this blog? I already mentioned that I want to change a couple of things – I really lost my motivation to continue in the last two months and figured it was time for a change.
For one, I decided to blog less. There won’t be a weekly post anymore (like the favourites, sketches, skies), but I will try to post at least once a week – or more often, depending on my schedule. I always wanted to have more focus, a better concept for this blog and omitting these random posts (which were fun, but just don’t feel right anymore) is a step into the right direction.
That means that the content will be more continuous, more streamlined, specific. I will continue to write about the things I love, the things I make and also about what I’m doing (e.g. the occasional travel post), but my main goal now is to ‘inspire’. There will be less, but hopefully better content. Maybe some tutorials. Inspiration posts. Compilations. I don’t yet quite know – I have a whole notebook full of ideas that are just waiting to come to life. I don’t know when, though, as I have produced hardly anything in advance – so far I just have the ideas. But that’s okay: What I really want is less stress. No stupid, self-imposed deadlines (there is enough of that in my life anyway), no hurry to publish something on a certain day.

So to sum it all up: The main goals for 2017 are consistency and inspiration. Let’s do this!



Work in Progress

the curated closet

The perfect wardrobe. A dream of mine for a long time and I’ve done a couple of things in the past to achieve it. And yet, the outcome was never what I really wanted, the dream stayed a dream. Maybe I didn’t have the right mindset to begin with – I thought I knew what my perfect wardrobe would look like and then tried to work through the exercises accordingly (thinking about how I approached the Wardrobe Architect in particular).

Alongside the just mentioned Wardrobe Architect, I also worked my way through the posts, tips and challenges of Into Mind: Probably the my favourite blog when it comes to curating and cultivating your personal style. It did help me to get some better ideas about my preferences and my overall style – but I was still not overly happy with my closet. And also not with what I was adding to it. It didn’t work as a whole, it was not cohesive enough and left me slightly frustated every time.

Remember last week’s post? This one kind of follows the same train of thought. I guess autumn makes me all contemplative and introspective :). I spent a lot of time thinking about why I want to buy certain items and make others. What my (life)style is and how I see myself. Have I really found my personal style already or am I still not quite there yet? What I need is some help and some guidelines to figure all of this out. The right questions in order to get the real answers.

Long story short, I decided to get Anuschka Rees’ ‘The Curated Closet‘. What I need is all the information in a structured and compact way, and as I love her blog, I’m sure I’ll love the book as well. I also downloaded the curated closet workbook (actually got it first and then realized that it would be a good idea to have both and work with them together) because this time, I’m serious about it. I’m going into this with a fresh mind, and I am determined to make it work this time. It can only get better.






Bucket List – Summer Holidays

Every season is full of magic, full of promises, full of ideas – I always have a ‘perfect’ image in mind, of how I want to spent summer/autumn/winter… Obviously, life is never perfect, things happen, goals change and you just adapt to that, while still trying to enjoy the moment, live in the present and don’t get upset if things don’t go as planned.

Maybe creating a list of things I want to do this summer is a step into the right direction? Having concrete ideas and not just images floating through my head might be restrictive (desperatly doing things just to cross them off), but I think it will actually help me with achieving my goal: The Perfect Summer Holidays. :) I’m trying it out for this year and will let you know it went at the beginning of September! Here is what’s on my list:

summer bucket list

  • get back into embroidery: I really want to try new techniques and just have fun with needles and thread again
  • walk barefoot in the rain: in the warm summer rain especially
  • go to a public viewing (EURO 2016): I wanted to go last weekend (IT:DE), but will go tomorrow (FRA:DE) instead. Vive la France!
  • Henna tattoos! I bought some henna paste, ready to use, and can’t wait to embellish my hands and feet
  • make a bra: The Watson is waiting, I am ashamed to say that I still haven’t started, but I promise, it will happen within the next two months.
  • visit a place in Austria I’ve never been to before: That’s a bit difficult, but managable. I’m thinking Ötscher/Semmering/Großglockner – forever in love with the Alps
  • go swimming in the Danube/swim while it’s raining: Again, the rain :) I haven’t been swimming once this year, so it’s high time I change that
  • organize everything sewing related: patterns, fabric, notions. Organized, labeled, properly stored.
  • go for a hike: see above
  • paint some canvases: I have a couple of old canvases lying around and I really want to paint them and get them hung up. Now there’s time!
  • sleep in a tent/open air: not sure if that will actually work out
  • → watch the sunrise: I could also just come home late, I mean the sun rises at 05:00!
  • find the perfect location for shooting my collection: I seriously need to photograph my collection, but this time I want to do it right, so I want a better location. I already have some ideas!

Some points are silly, others are serious, some are complex and the rest is super easy. I think it’s a good mix, very open, not too restrictive and definitely doable. And if I can’t cross everything off, that won’t be a big deal either, I want to enjoy summer and if I don’t feel like doing something, then I won’t force myself to do it. It’s all about having fun!

Almost Halfway Through

I’m almost halfway through with my May challenges, so here is quick update!

Me-Made-May is going well. The first week was a bit difficult, because I mostly stayed at home, studying – and I don’t really dress up for that and I don’t have any handmade pyjamas or loungewear (note to self: make some comfortable, stay-at-home clothes!). This week on the other hand is fantastic: Me-made on all four days so far! I’m also already noticing the biggest gap in my wardrobe: trousers, especially jeans. I have the Ginger jeans ready to cut, but I think I just need a little bit more time before I commit to it. I also need more blousey-tops/woven t-shirts: I made one out of the Liberty Lodden and I’ve been wearing it constantly, but I need more.

kuretake gansai tambi

The second challenge was to draw something each day. I did well at the beginning but missed a few days recently: I had my exams and just couldn’t make enough time to do a little sketch. I probably still should have, but I can’t change that now. But my exams (well, one third) are over now, so it’s back to regular drawing! And guess what arrived today… My Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolour set! Straight from Japan. I’m so happy, I can’t wait to try them out. They are heavenly :)

On a final note: I will be in Graz over Pentecost, and won’t have Internet access. So I’m taking a small break, but I’ll see you again next week!

May Challenges

May is upon us and that means two challenges for me this year!


First up, Me-Made-May-2016. I participated last year, but I will step up my game this year: Instead of wearing two handmade garments each week, I pledge to wear at least four. The garments must be in seperate outfits, wearing four in one will count as one! Repeats are ok, though. It should be a challenge, but not impossible to master :) I might post an update in the second week or participate through instagram as well – I’m not yet sure. I will post a roundup with all the pictures and outfit details at the beginning of June, and tell you how it went.

a sketch a day challenge

The second challenge I set myself is to draw more. Remember when last year, I posted a sketch a week? I kind of lost interest in drawing, because it suddenly felt  like a burden, something I needed to do – the lightness and spontaneity were gone and I ended up posting mostly older sketches, as I hardly produced any new ones. But the urge to draw is coming back and so I’m starting this little challenge tomorrow: A sketch a day, throughout May 2016. I’m so excited about this one! I already organized all my painting supplies and secretly ordered my dream watercolour set… shhh! It’s the Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 colours set. It won’t arrive until the 12th of May (or maybe even 1st of June), but I literally can’t wait. Ahhh, the wait is killing me already :). I also have my eyes on the aqua brushes from Pentel, but I’ll probably buy them locally, as the prize is the same (the watercolours were a lot cheaper online, even with shipping included!).

So I guess you can tell I’m excited about this challenge! I don’t know how/if I’ll show you the results (trying to eliminate all the pressure), maybe a few on instagram as well? I’ll see!



Someday in May, this blog will celebrate its forth anniversary… Can you believe it? I’m taking this as an opportunity to think about the journey of my blog and a possible future – deep stuff haha, but stay with me, I need your help here!

So, what actually is Lassemista? What does it stand for? To understand this site, which is composed of a strange mix of personal posts, sewing, travel, etc. we have to go back to the beginning of it all. Lassemista started as an outlet for myself – I mostly shared things I made for my beloved (and now neglected) fashion dolls. I taught myself how to sew through them, I drafted patterns, I made mini-collections. And I obviously wanted to share that, I was just so excited! Soon I was confident enough to make my own clothes and the focus of this blog shifted. To what, though? Is it a sewing blog? No. A lifestyle blog? Hmmm, not really, either. It’s more like a creative diary, a very personal blog with random posts about pretty much anything that excites me.

I have a seriously minimal amount of followers – which is probably due to me being the worst at commenting, networking and marketing: I’m always the ‘silent’ reader, who follows tons of blogs but hardly ever interacts. The other reason is (I guess) the blog itself, or rather, the content. I think I have some really good content up there, as well as some questionable posts (I don’t believe in deleting older posts only because I find them strange/unnecessary now). But if you are a new reader, who just happens to stumble upon my site, what would you think about it? Why would you want to follow Lassemista?

I honestly don’t know the answer. I don’t want to focus more on a specific topic, I just think that there is so much potential in a variety of topics (after all, my subtitles are ‘variety is everything’) and I wouldn’t want to leave some out just for the sake of making my blog content more streamlined. I will probably stop writing very personal posts though, and rather generate content with more ‘value’. Create a certain ‘brand’, a recognizable style and most importantly, quality content. I want random visitors to stick around longer, scroll through the archive and find interesting and inspiring posts.

I just really want to grow the blog seriously this year. Get more followers, more interaction – and interact more myself. I’ve been dreaming about collaborations, guest posts, etc. but so far, they are out of my reach. I’m just too small to count, you know? So here you come into play, my dear readers – do me a favour and just click the ‘follow me’ button on the right. I’m also on bloglovin, pinterest, instagram, the whole lot (links in the sidebar as well). Or if you already are subscribing, spread the word! I would appreciate it very much. Now off to new and exciting shores and another year!