The World Doll Day Challenge


Yesterday was World Doll Day and to celebrate, there is a little challenge going on, started by The Multicrafteral Lab  – I was tagged by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, thank you for that!

The 3 challenges:

  • List 3 of your favourite dolls you got last year
  • List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist
  • Tag 5 people

The first question made me realize that there wasn’t much happening doll-wise in the last year. In fact I only got 2 new dolls, one is very special, the other one just for fun.

The first one is obviously my Anais McNight FR16 (now called Adriana). I absolutely love her and made her my jet-setting star of the Formula 1 Collection. Also, she was my introduction to bigger dolls and I’d really like to expand my collection into this category a bit.


The second one is a Monster High Howleen. I saw her some time ago and thought she was cute – she is smaller than the regular MHs. Originally, I wanted a Calwdeen, but I opted for her younger sister instead. I haven’t really taken many pictures of her yet, maybe sometime in the future!


Now for the 3 dolls on my wishlist.  Actually, my wishlist is changing constantly, but here are dolls which have been on it for quite some time and I still want them dearly…

The first one is Smoke Screen Dania Zarr from the 2010 Convention collection. I love the Dania sculpt in general, but if I could get just one Dania, it would be her. Silver eyebrows (!), marsala lips, dark blue eyes and smoky eyeshadow… very elegant and, even more importantly, very special. Plus, her clothes are awesome. Here is a better picture of her face.

dania zarr

I also love the Nu.Face twins, Lilith and Eden, but I’m particularly fond of their Nu.Fantasy reincarnation – Wild Wolf Kumi and Red Riding Hood Yuri. This pair truly is a holy grail for me. Complete sets are extremely rare (never seen them both for sale), so my hopes aren’t high – well, I can dream, right? :) But really, I love almost all reinterpreted fairytale dolls: Gretel, Rayna (as Dorothy), the Brides of Dracula, Snow White

wild_wolf_kumiriding hood yuri

And the last doll on my wishlist: An Inamorata. I’ve been following Emilia’s story for a long time now (since she won the first CoutureDollDesignChallenge back in 2009/2010) and I’m a big fan of her creations. Of course I was super excited when I heard that she would start her own doll line. My dream doll would have either the Nnaji or the Charo sculpt. I dare not to think further, as they are out of my reach for now,  but hopefully sometime in the future!


And here are the 5 bloggers I’m tagging – or simply play along as well if you read this!

Miss Jay

The Fashiondoll Chronicles

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Fynn’s Closet/Levitation Inc.


This was fun! Honestly, my interest in 1:4 dolls waned a bit lately, but going through my wishlist, looking up pictures, and all that stuff fueled it again. It just needed that little boost! (can you tell I just watched the 24h of Le Mans?)

Moving and Starting

Lagoona in the cabinet

My dolls got a new home as well: They are now staying inside a small cabinet, protected from dust and too much sunlight. It’s beautiful on the outside, gold and blue like a gothic arch, but plain on the inside. Lagoona still seems to like it!

Today was my first day at school – It’s so strange being in a real school again after two semesters of University: There the age range was from 20 – 60 now it’s 14 – 25. Generally it’s very much like school, with a fixed timetable and one main teacher (I think the correct term would be ‘form teacher’). Apropos timetable… I have school in the afternoon 4 times a week and once a free morning – the next year will be tough! But the subjects are realy cool and we’ll spend a lot of time in the workshop.

I’m really looking forward to enhance and perfect my sewing skills, even though it will be exhausting – I’m so not used to a regular schedule anymore, last semester at the University I had all my courses on three days and was always finished before noon. What did I do with all that free time?….

Anyways, we are supposed to document our process and all the things we learn, also with pictures, so prepare for occasional updates about what’s going on and what I’m doing and learning in school!

Wasp Waist


Skelita finally got something new, something that is for her only – I don’t think the others are thin enough to wear it, but she has only the spine were others have a (tiny) waist. Actually, I haven’t tried it on any other Monster High, so maybe…? Still, the dress belongs to Skelita and I’m not sure if she will borrow it!



New Girl – Rochelle

A new Monster High arrived at our home yesterday – Rochelle Goyle!

She is extremly cute (just like every other MH doll :)) but unfortunately, one can’t really see her ‘sad’ eyebrows, as her bangs are too long. But her acessories are fantastic – the suitcase opens and the inside is detailed and not just plain and boring. And her shoes! Monster High dolls always have great shoes in general, but this ones are the best – they remind me of an old, wrought-iron gate (she’s a gargoyle, after all), the only thing I’m not so happy with is that they are pink… Oh, well, at least she also has tights and a beret – both grey!

If you want to see all the details, you have to click on each image and then choose view full size… I don’t know exactly, what has changed with wordpress, but I can’t upload the images as usual – they are so tiny, I can’t make them bigger – I decided, that they look best in a gallery, because they are so small… Can anyone help me?

little monsters

I would not say that there was ‘love at first sight’ concerning Monster High dolls. I just did not like their huge heads – it looked so weird and strange and ugly. But more and more pictures continued to appear on the internet and I got interested. I started to like the idea of monsters as main characters and the big head suddenly wasn’t so bad at all. And then, I saw one picture of Frankie and Lagoona, which helped me making my decission – I absolutely needed to have a MH doll as well! My first one was Lagoona and she is still my favorite – she is just so cute!  Soon, my sister wanted one as well and now she actually owns 6, while I have 3! :) In this post, I want to share a picture of each doll my sister and I own. Although I tend to give all my dolls individual names, I did not do that with my Monster Highs: Cleo de Nile is Cleo, Frankie Stein is Frankie, etc. The only exeption are the two vampires – they were from the create-a-monster set, so they aren’t specific characters. And I have to confess that these two are still nameless…. 










From Pink to Black


Back in november, I bought a Creat-a-Monster set (I blogged about it here!). I had big plans for the vampire – I wanted to repaint her immediately, to get rid of all the pink. Well, I started with her lips, but then I put her aside and somehow forgot her (that happens easily… but I’m really working on finishing my projects, before I start a new one!)… until I picked her up last weekend and redid her lips as well as repainted her eyes. And that’s how she looks like right now. I am not a 100% sure, if she will stay like that, I think she could benefit of a few refinements. But still, I’m quite happy with the result.



A new dress for Operetta

I finally finished the dress for Operetta.

I started with embroidering the skirt part. I used an old pattern from my Grandmother and picked out the flowers I liked best.

I used to do a lot of cross-stitching, but I definitly need to practice more. But as the dress is for no one special/I don’t sell it, the stitches are ok, although I’m not enirely happy with them!

The skirt-part finished:

And the finished dress…

Pictures of new dolls will come soon, I just recived the confirmation that my two dolls are on their way! Can’t wait! :)