For 2017


Hello there! New year, new perspectives, new ideas, new priorities…

I decided to just ‘start fresh’ and not drag old posts into the new year – there won’t be a december recap for example (nothing interesting happened anyway). Or a review of the whole year for that matter. 2016 was alright, with some highs and also some very deep lows, both personal and in general. But it’s behind us now and I’d rather look forwards than backwards.

So what’s to come, especially regarding this blog? I already mentioned that I want to change a couple of things – I really lost my motivation to continue in the last two months and figured it was time for a change.
For one, I decided to blog less. There won’t be a weekly post anymore (like the favourites, sketches, skies), but I will try to post at least once a week – or more often, depending on my schedule. I always wanted to have more focus, a better concept for this blog and omitting these random posts (which were fun, but just don’t feel right anymore) is a step into the right direction.
That means that the content will be more continuous, more streamlined, specific. I will continue to write about the things I love, the things I make and also about what I’m doing (e.g. the occasional travel post), but my main goal now is to ‘inspire’. There will be less, but hopefully better content. Maybe some tutorials. Inspiration posts. Compilations. I don’t yet quite know – I have a whole notebook full of ideas that are just waiting to come to life. I don’t know when, though, as I have produced hardly anything in advance – so far I just have the ideas. But that’s okay: What I really want is less stress. No stupid, self-imposed deadlines (there is enough of that in my life anyway), no hurry to publish something on a certain day.

So to sum it all up: The main goals for 2017 are consistency and inspiration. Let’s do this!




This November, I …

tiny hoop

  • visited my grandmother in Graz
  • spent a day in Maribor
  • went to the Hofmobiliendepot  (furniture museum, very peculiar)
  • tailored some bootcut jeans into skinnies and now I wear them all the time
  • met some old classmates I hadn’t seen since I graduated
  • lost my blogging mojo a bit
  • and a scarf! It was already unraveling at some parts, but still!
  • finally found an awesome, second hand denim jacket, which looks exactly how I envisioned it
  • read so many Donna Leon novels, I ended up confusing all the crimes/suspects/motives
  • started making some of the christmas presents I’ll be gifting this year

hofbäckerei graz



Astoria and Archer






This October, I…


  • stained my fingers and nails dyeing tons fabric and then some more
  • signed up for a hat-making workshop in december
  • finally got a membership for the viennese libraries
  • bought some supplies for block printing (on fabric) and can’t wait to experiment
  • saw Ödön von Horvaths recently discovered play ‘Niemand’ and it was fantastic
  • had to start heating because it’s getting cold
  • made summer rolls for the first time
  • and burritos! Both were so good :)
  • started to really curate my closet and thought a lot about personal style
  • went to the cinema to see Dr. Strange (rather disappointing)









This September, I…


  • participated in the #sewphotop
  • started my last year on this school, finally with the focus on costume design
  • celebrated my brother’s 5th wedding anniversary
  • started blogilates and so far, it’s been great and I’m super motivated
  • enrolled in an italian course (finally! Can’t wait to learn this language)
  • re-decorated my room a bit
  • made the decision to study stage design next year (working on my portfolio now)
  • finalized my design for the costume I’ll make in school
  • tried cannoli and I’m in love
  • got some cotton+steel fabric at an amazing discount

like ants








This June, I…


  • started a new internship
  • attended a funeral
  • spent a couple of days back home in Salzburg
  • celebrated Iftar with some (muslim) friends
  • bought some new summer shoes
  • enjoyed the warm evenings outside
  • spent a whole day in bed, mostly procrastinating, hardly studying
  • met a friend from school I hadn’t seen in ages
  • finished the semester and got my diploma
  • started a new series (Peaky Blinders, I needed something after Game of Thrones)







Happy Days


The semester is officially over! I finished all my exams and now have my diploma. Ahhh, I’m so ready for the holidays! I am working for the most part of July (interning), but then I’m going to be in France for ten days and August will be spent travelling around Austria, maybe including a couple of cities like Munich, Prague and Trieste. I’ll see! I don’t have very concrete plans, for now I’m just going to enjoy the sun :) (and the view, I feel like I’m living in a treehouse)



Someday in May, this blog will celebrate its forth anniversary… Can you believe it? I’m taking this as an opportunity to think about the journey of my blog and a possible future – deep stuff haha, but stay with me, I need your help here!

So, what actually is Lassemista? What does it stand for? To understand this site, which is composed of a strange mix of personal posts, sewing, travel, etc. we have to go back to the beginning of it all. Lassemista started as an outlet for myself – I mostly shared things I made for my beloved (and now neglected) fashion dolls. I taught myself how to sew through them, I drafted patterns, I made mini-collections. And I obviously wanted to share that, I was just so excited! Soon I was confident enough to make my own clothes and the focus of this blog shifted. To what, though? Is it a sewing blog? No. A lifestyle blog? Hmmm, not really, either. It’s more like a creative diary, a very personal blog with random posts about pretty much anything that excites me.

I have a seriously minimal amount of followers – which is probably due to me being the worst at commenting, networking and marketing: I’m always the ‘silent’ reader, who follows tons of blogs but hardly ever interacts. The other reason is (I guess) the blog itself, or rather, the content. I think I have some really good content up there, as well as some questionable posts (I don’t believe in deleting older posts only because I find them strange/unnecessary now). But if you are a new reader, who just happens to stumble upon my site, what would you think about it? Why would you want to follow Lassemista?

I honestly don’t know the answer. I don’t want to focus more on a specific topic, I just think that there is so much potential in a variety of topics (after all, my subtitles are ‘variety is everything’) and I wouldn’t want to leave some out just for the sake of making my blog content more streamlined. I will probably stop writing very personal posts though, and rather generate content with more ‘value’. Create a certain ‘brand’, a recognizable style and most importantly, quality content. I want random visitors to stick around longer, scroll through the archive and find interesting and inspiring posts.

I just really want to grow the blog seriously this year. Get more followers, more interaction – and interact more myself. I’ve been dreaming about collaborations, guest posts, etc. but so far, they are out of my reach. I’m just too small to count, you know? So here you come into play, my dear readers – do me a favour and just click the ‘follow me’ button on the right. I’m also on bloglovin, pinterest, instagram, the whole lot (links in the sidebar as well). Or if you already are subscribing, spread the word! I would appreciate it very much. Now off to new and exciting shores and another year!