You know that I love to plan. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s my favourite part. I also (try) to plan my sewing, match fabrics with patterns, make a queue… until I change my mind and make something completely different. So plannig what I will sew for a whole year? How can this possibly work?

I see my #2017makenine as a list of things that I definitely want to make, I could also call them The Big Nine or something. I put a lot of things on this list that I have wanted to make for a long time and this year I will finally make them so that I can move on and dream about different things. There are some easy, quick projects as well as more tricky/time consuming ones. There is a lot of outerwear – I just find it really difficult to find coats and jackets that I like and that are in my price range (I wouldn’t say no to a Peacock Feathered Burberry Trench Coat, ha!). But alas, DIY it is! Luckily I love to sew…

(for links to source, click on the picture! Patterns and everything else are linked as well, just move the cursor over the text! (since I changed my theme slightly, the links don’t show up in a different colour anymore…))

I’m really loving the oversized-shirt/sweater-and-leggings look at the moment and while I own some shirts, I don’t have any leggings. Finding the right fabrics might prove to be a little tricky, but I already found the perfect pattern.
*pattern: Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings

Suede Trench Coat
I’ve been dreaming about a suede trenchcoat and I just happen to have 4m of faux suede waiting to be cut into. It will happen this year. (it must)
*pattern: Named Clothing Isla Trench Coat

Both out of a regular stable knit and… velvet! (totally inspired by Sara, her version is an absolute dream)
*patterns: Named Clothing Alexandria Peg Trousers, Papercut Patterns Anima Pant, True Bias Hudson Pant (still not sure which might suit me best!)

Light Dufflecoat/Parka
The Albion is waiting for a while now, I’m waiting for the right fabric. A lightweight parka would be nice as well.
*patterns: Colette Albion, Burdastyle Parka (because I have this issue already)

Something less structured than a trenchcoat and less detailed than a parka. I can imagine a solid, black, understated one as well as a velvet version.
*pattern: Orageuse Londres Trench Coat

Bomber/Souvenier Jacket/Hoodie
I recently discovered that bombers do look good on me (used to be convinced of the opposite) and now I want to make one myself. I would really love to add a huge embroidery to the back, but to be realistic – that probably won’t happen (maybe patches instead?). Ideally, I could also modify the pattern to be both a jacket and a sweater, and even add a hood to it.
*pattern: Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber (though not ideal, the best one I’ve seen… any other suggestions?)

Great for layering, perfect for summer. I already have so many outfits in mind and could come up with countless options more. I also love how I can customize them with lace, embroidery….
*patterns: Seamwork Savanah, True Bias Ogden Cami, Tessuti Sadie Slip Dress or I’ll try to make a pattern myself

Again, great for layering. Especially under those high-waisted skirts and shorts I wear all the time. I’d also love to play with details like super low backs, v-necks, lace, sheer panels, etc.
*patterns: Closet Case Nettie Bodysuit, Named Clothing Tuuli Bodysuit or selfdrafted again

Maxi Shirtdress
The shirtdress is still my favourite kind of dress and this year I really want to make a maxi version. And generally try out new lenghts for both skirts and dresses (tea/maxi).
*patterns: Grainline Studio Archer Button Up (for a more relaxed look), Sew Over It Vintage Shirtdress, Sewaholic Nicola Dress, Named Clothing Wenona Shirt Dress, Deer and Doe Bruyère Shirt (all lengthened to floor length)

These are the big sewing goals for 2017. Without doubt, I will make othe things as well and maybe not all of the ones listed above. That’s alright. Plans change, I change, I might not want to have a souvenir jacket in my closet after all. But right now, this list looks perfect to me. Maybe (absolutely!) a bit ambitious, but I have twelve months to make them. Let’s get sewing!

For 2017


Hello there! New year, new perspectives, new ideas, new priorities…

I decided to just ‘start fresh’ and not drag old posts into the new year – there won’t be a december recap for example (nothing interesting happened anyway). Or a review of the whole year for that matter. 2016 was alright, with some highs and also some very deep lows, both personal and in general. But it’s behind us now and I’d rather look forwards than backwards.

So what’s to come, especially regarding this blog? I already mentioned that I want to change a couple of things – I really lost my motivation to continue in the last two months and figured it was time for a change.
For one, I decided to blog less. There won’t be a weekly post anymore (like the favourites, sketches, skies), but I will try to post at least once a week – or more often, depending on my schedule. I always wanted to have more focus, a better concept for this blog and omitting these random posts (which were fun, but just don’t feel right anymore) is a step into the right direction.
That means that the content will be more continuous, more streamlined, specific. I will continue to write about the things I love, the things I make and also about what I’m doing (e.g. the occasional travel post), but my main goal now is to ‘inspire’. There will be less, but hopefully better content. Maybe some tutorials. Inspiration posts. Compilations. I don’t yet quite know – I have a whole notebook full of ideas that are just waiting to come to life. I don’t know when, though, as I have produced hardly anything in advance – so far I just have the ideas. But that’s okay: What I really want is less stress. No stupid, self-imposed deadlines (there is enough of that in my life anyway), no hurry to publish something on a certain day.

So to sum it all up: The main goals for 2017 are consistency and inspiration. Let’s do this!



End of The Year


I thought I’d pop in here one last time before the year is ending and show you my christmas dress – or as much as you can see from it! My sister and I wanted to try ‘writing’ with light (we used sparklers) and decided to take pictures of my dress as well. They  turned out pretty dark, but I still love them – I love anything moody, mysterious, dark… Also, there is nothing particularly interesting about this dress except for it’s sparkly fabric, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t see everything.

Details about the dress: It’s a super simple sack dress with three-quarter sleeves, made out of copper lamé I’d had in my stash for at least three years. As a pattern I used my bodice block and sewed just the two bust darts and scooped out the neckline. The construction was really simple, but I did use french seams everywhere for a neat finish – and I wanted to make sure that the scratchy metallic threads of the lamé wouldn’t come in contatct with my skin. It was finished within a couple of hours – maximum success for minimal effort.

Also, this is my entry for Allie’s december Social Sew – Holiday Glamour. I’ve just managed to submit it before the deadline – visit her blog to see many more awesome holiday garments, it’s very inspiring!

And to conclude this post, as well as this year: I obviously have not been very active lately, but I promise you – there will be new content in the new year. I also plan to change a couple of things (mainly frequency and also slightly the topics of posts) but overall, things will stay the same. Still, I’m happy about these small changes and I’m also really looking forward to posting again! I did miss it it :)








One very cool thing about school this year is that we are able to get tickets to viennese theaters (anything from the Akademietheater to the Staatsoper) at a reduced price and so far, I’ve taken advantage of that every month. Last thursday, I saw Antigone at the Burgtheater and it’s definitely been the best one I’ve seen so far. It was dramatic, intense, thrilling. I absolutley loved the stage design – a huge, moving wall of spotlights, which were either dimmed or so bright that they almost blinded the audience. The acting was very convincing as well… I’m not a theater critic (ha!) so words fail me, but it certainly made an impression on me. Absolutely stunning!





yoyo skirt

Hello there! I hope someone is still reading – not that there is much to read on my blog these days – and I actually don’t think there will be any new posts except for my weekly favourites in the next two weeks before Christmas: It’s just crazy around here and I don’t have the time/energy to create any content. I kind of started planning for the new year already and I feel that posting only half-heartedly would just be a waste. I seriously can’t wait for the Christmas break now, when I’ll have time to work on these ideas!
Btw. one thing that always helps me with coping with stressful times is sewing. It may not be the best idea to sew when you actually have not enough time for all the other things already, but it also makes me incredibly productive – I’ll try to finish as many items as possible in a short amount of time, start sewing right after cutting out…. I need easy projects that can be finished in a couple of hours though, nothing complicated and super advanced of tricky to fit. An example is in the picture above: I made a Papercut Patterns Yoyo skirt (I’ve made one before) and used the leftover fabric to make an easy pair of shorts – without pockets and an invisible zipper at the center back. It was such a quick make, and as I didn’t have any shorts for winter, I’m super happy with how they turned out. And I really like my other yoyo skirt and wear it all the time, so I knew I just had to make another one…
You’ll see these two pieces worn sometime after the 24th!





The FIA Prize Giving Gala was in the Hofburg this friday – the event were the Formula 1 world champion gets his trophy, alongside winners of other motorsport categories. To celebrate that, there was a little ‘exhibition’ in front of the palace, as well as interviews with drivers, rookies and experts, all open to the public.
Daniel Ricciardo’s car was on display as well as Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes and several other cars from the WRC, WTCC and RX – I know next to nothing about them, so I didn’t really pay attention.
I did miss the interesting stuff though – the interviews! I had to leave very early for a millinery workshop (I had signed up for it months ago, but how I wish it would have been on another day…!) and so I didn’t see Daniel, Max or Lewis and didn’t hear about Nico’s retirement until later – that was certainly a huge surprise! But still, it was great to get one more taste of  Formula 1 before the winter break and I’m honestly so excited about march already :)




This November, I …

tiny hoop

  • visited my grandmother in Graz
  • spent a day in Maribor
  • went to the Hofmobiliendepot  (furniture museum, very peculiar)
  • tailored some bootcut jeans into skinnies and now I wear them all the time
  • met some old classmates I hadn’t seen since I graduated
  • lost my blogging mojo a bit
  • and a scarf! It was already unraveling at some parts, but still!
  • finally found an awesome, second hand denim jacket, which looks exactly how I envisioned it
  • read so many Donna Leon novels, I ended up confusing all the crimes/suspects/motives
  • started making some of the christmas presents I’ll be gifting this year

hofbäckerei graz



Astoria and Archer